Oak wood crusher – bargain price for buyers

In fact, we can find them anywhere online: just typing “ oak crusher ” or “large capacity wood crusher” is a whole list of suggestions that appear on google but to find one. The right machine for our own is quite time consuming, it can be said that they take away a lot of effort and time from us to search and select. So now we will provide as concise information as possible about the machine you are interested in to help you save energy and spend it on more useful things.

Impressions of the oak mill

Oak wood crusher is used a lot in today’s life. This machine is also highly appreciated by users for its design. It is the convenience in design and the modernity in each structural part of this product that has received the favor of users. Specifically, when referring to the oak crusher, the following specific advantages must be mentioned.

  • Convenient design

This machine is quite special designed with two loading doors on both sides. This has the effect of handling a variety of materials such as trees (≤ 150mm, length 600mm), cardboard, twigs and some small firewood.

In addition, the knife plate is also equipped with 6 sole choppers for better cutting. When the material is put into the feed hopper, the choppers will chop, then the hammer will do the job of breaking the shavings into sawdust in a short time.

Oak wood crusher has a compact design
Oak wood crusher has a compact design
  • Impressive productivity of oak crusher

Compared with other models on the market, the 3A45KW large capacity wood crusher is considered to have more outstanding advantages. Due to the use of 3-phase current, the motor has a capacity of 45KW, the motor speed is 1450 rpm, so the machine has high working productivity.

In particular, the drier the material used, the higher the yield. This machine will definitely be an indispensable companion of wood processing and manufacturing facilities, workshops with a large scale.  

  • Safety for the user

In addition to many functions, the machine always ensures safety for consumers, reducing unintended cases to a minimum so that you can use it with peace of mind when operating high-capacity machines.

Oak wood crusher is safe for users
Oak wood crusher is safe for users
  • Oak wood crusher – energy saving

Along with the above advantages, what we are always interested in is the power of the machine. The oak mill helps you save energy, reduce electricity consumption as much as possible with modern technologies: the speed inverter is a compact and simple system with adjustable speed and torque. of the motor to suit the output requirements, instead of just running at full speed all the time. They help save power consumption.

Great price for a versatile and efficient oak wood crusher

Through learning about the machines on the market today, we can give you a hint about a reputable company, with a seniority of up to 15 years, that is GREEN MECH. This is a brand that is probably no stranger to large business owners of wood processing factories. The company specializes in manufacturing high quality woodworking machines and wood chips machines. Besides, the modern industrial machine equipment is being preferred by many large enterprises and production facilities in the market.

With us, you can rest assured when using our services and products. GREEN MECH wood crusher has been applied in practice by hundreds of businesses and production facilities and highly evaluated for efficiency. So you can use it for a long time and rest assured when choosing this is the most reputable supplier today.

Cheap and affordable oak wood crusher price
Cheap and affordable oak wood crusher price

If you are intending to buy oak crusher products but do not know where to choose or where to start, come to GREEN MECH to save time and effort in searching. Visit the GREEN MECH for more information about the product as well as get answers to your problems via hotline +84 94 110 8888 or zalo on the company’s website. Hope you find the best machine soon here!

With long-term experience in the market, the company always upholds the quality of products with the criterion “The quality makes the differences”. Therefore, customers will always receive quality, durable, quality products and good prices. Our service is always committed to bringing you satisfaction right from the first use. Customers wishing to receive a quote can also refer to some of the quotation information right in the quote link below.

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