First of all, Vietnam Green Technology Joint Stock Company  would like to send our best wishes for health, happiness and success in life.
GREEN MECH – is an expert in the field of consulting and technology transfer for systems of wood chipping, sawdust grinding, sawdust drying.
We specialize in consulting,  supplying and installing the system of wood chipping, sawdust grinding, sawdust drying quality shaving in Vietnam.With extensive investment in resources and infrastructure in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
Along with a team of masters, professional engineers with many years of experience, the leadership team has a vision and always develops and applies the latest technology to create quality products that contribute to the national renewal process. has created reliability appreciation of partners and customers. We confidently bring to you the following products and services:
Consulting and transferring system technology:- Chopping wood chips for export;– Grinding wood into sawdust, shavings;- Drying sawdust, shavings;Design and manufacture industrial systems:– The system of shredding machines;
– Sawdust crushing system;
– Sawdust drying system;Warranty and maintenance:
– The system of shredding machines;
– Sawdust crushing system;
– Sawdust drying system;
After many years of operating with dynamism and creativity in the business field, we always aim for the quality of products and technical services, and strive to build a healthy competitive environment.
Nhat Phu Thai has constantly affirmed its brand position in the market and the trust of customers. We believe that high quality products, perfect service will satisfy customers.
This affirms that when customers come to us, they always feel the real value of the product, convenience, high reliability and strong attachment to the future.For any issues that need consulting support, please contact:

GREEN MECH pulverizer

Address:  29 Hoang Van Thai, Hoa Minh, Lien Chieu, City. Danang.Phone: 0941108888Email: info@kynghexanh.comWebsite: