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When you click on this article, I believe you are looking for a wood chipper for yourself or your business , you probably have already read many previous articles about wood chipper, so why? You still haven’t found a device you like? It is also possible that you accidentally selected this article the first time, so congratulations you have come to the right place. This article will help you choose a high-performance wood chipper that comes with the quality and affordability that you are looking for.

Wood shredders and their uses

Wood chipper machine, also known as wood chip machine, is a type of machine that is used to shred wood chips and branches into wood chips to become input fuel in the paper, tablet, and pellet processing industries. Burn the boiler…

Pictures of wood chips
Pictures of wood chips

The wood shredder is used to chop branches and stumps into wood chips (chips) for use in the paper processing industry, boiler burning, or for crushing pellets or bars, etc., contributing to saving costs. fee, area when shipping. Wood used for chopping has a variety of diameters under 20mm, wooden boards and branches. The wood chips are chopped with a radius of 1 -3 cm, the thickness of the chips is from 1.5 mm – 3 mm, the length and width is 10 -30 cm, very suitable as input materials in production.

The application of wood chips after using a wood chip chipper

Wood after being chopped is easy to handle and is used in many industries such as:

Making export tablets. Tablets are used as fuel to burn and produce energy. The pellets still retain the same weight as when the wood has just been chopped, but the size is smaller, convenient for moving, especially exporting to countries that takes a long time and is a long way.

Tablets are shaped after production
Tablets are shaped after production

Paper processing: as we all know the paper we use is made from wood, instead of having to use large trees to produce, we can make use of small wood that is chopped and then processed, process them into paper. Saving the budget while ensuring profits as well as paper quality

Wood industry: wood chips, also known as wood chips, are used to create plywood, also known as industrial wood products, which is a trend. Furniture is made from industrial boards with good durability, many designs and reasonable prices. The chipboard has a wood core made from wood chips of eucalyptus trees, rubber trees, acacia trees, pine trees, etc., after being processed through the wood chipping process with a wood chipper.

This shows that chopped wood is quite popularly used as an input material for indispensable products of life. And to obtain chopped wood, of course, a shredder is indispensable. The smaller the wood, the easier it is to process and handle.

So where specializes in producing wood chips?

Wood shredder in actual operation
Wood shredder in actual operation

Through the process of learning about the machine as well as the production facilities of wood chipping machines. We found a facility specializing in the production of chopping machines and crushers called GREEN MECH. Here is the website link for you to refer to and verify the quality 99.99% to ensure expertise in machine manufacturing… Hotline to answer all questions and advise people +84 94 110 8888 or inbox to zalo on the website of the business.

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