Sawdust Dryer

The rotary sawdust dryer is a device used in the line of sawdust firewood, sawdust block, and sawdust pellets. The sawdust dryer ensures the material moisture requirements for the line, which directly affects the product quality after pressing.

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Principle of sawdust dryer:

Wet sawdust with moisture content from 35 to 55% is fed into one end of the rotary drum dryer, the sawdust is evenly spread and moved to the other end of the drying barrel along with the movement and rotation of the sawdust. is an optimally designed hot and humid air supply system. Thus it will be most favorable drying. Normally for material drying, the speed and angle of inclination together with the design of the flaps of different shapes ensure optimum heat transfer and exchange at all points in the dryer.

Features of rotary drum sawdust dryer:

  • The machine structure is sturdy, applying inverter technology and roller ring to help the machine run smoothly.
  • The dryer operates continuously in combination with other systems in the production line.
  • High heat exchange efficiency, drying capacity from 1 to 10 tons/h.
  • Low system operating costs.
  • Low maintenance cost.


The sawdust dryer is designed by GREEN MECH VIETNAM with 2 principles:  the principle of drying sawdust in the same direction and  the principle of drying in the opposite direction. Depending on the moisture content of the material before entering the dryer, the required humidity after the drying process and the size of the material, the most suitable type of drying principle is selected.

Before supplying the sawdust dryer, GREEN MECH VIETNAM will advise and design the layout of the sawdust dryer suitable for the factory for customers to treat the foundation before the machine is brought to the installation site.

Consulting service, design, manufacture and installation of sawdust dryer system performed by GREEN MECH VIETNAM includes the following steps:

  • Step 1. Receive requests from customer partners;
  • Step 2. Advice on choosing the right type of sawdust dryer;
  • Step 3. Design the layout of the factory sawdust drying;
  • Step 4: Fabrication at the factory GREEN MECH VIETNAM
  • Step 5: Install and transfer the dryer.

Before investing in a sawdust dryer, you should be given specific advice to best meet your needs. All needs related to investment, sawdust dryer, GREEN MECH VIETNAM always give thoughtful advice and support. All sawdust dryers are supplied with detailed design profiles. We are confident to bring our customers and the best products.

You should contact GREEN MECH VIETNAM directly for advice on choosing the right sawdust dryer for your needs.

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