Pelletizing machine

Wood Pellet Press Machine for export is the most important equipment in the sawdust pelletizing line. The pelletizing machine determines the quality of tablets, the stability of the factory and the price of exported products. To invest in the most effective sawdust pelletizing line, the investor needs to be consulted and selected the most suitable pellet press for their needs.

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  • View the products chip planer used to plan wood, wood board into shavings
  • View products sawdust dryer specializes in drying sawdust shavings to the required moisture content for pellet presses
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Vertical shaft pelletizing machine:

The first vertical pellet mill design appeared in the early 20th century. In general, there are two types of tablet presses on the market, the rotary die type and the rotary type. The rotary die type has a stationary shaft and a rotating die while the rotary type has a stationary die and a rotating shaft. Applying the vertical principle, the material falls into the compression chamber due to its weight and is compressed between the shafts and the die to form a pellet after passing through the mold holes.

Wood pellets
Wood pellets

Principle vertical shaft wood pellet machine

Horizontal Pellet Machine:

The circular die press was designed around the 1930s. The operating principle of the machine is simple, the mass of the material is distributed on the inner surface of a die with a rotating hole that rotates with the shafts to compress the mass. materials into mold holes and form pellets.

Vertical Tablet Press Machine – Ring die
China pellet machine – Capacity 700 – 900 kg/h
China pellet machine – Capacity 1,200 – 1,500 kg/h
China pellet machine – Capacity 2,000 – 2,500 kg/h
China pellet machine – Capacity 2,500 – 3,000 kg/h

Horizontal sawdust pellet press machine
Vietnam pellet machine 1.5 – 2 tons/h.
China pellet machine 1 – 1.2 tons/h
China pellet machine 1.5 – 2 tons/h
Korean pellet machine, Beaver brand, capacity 1.5 -2 tons/h
Pelletizing machine Europe, Denmark, Andritz company, capacity 3.5 – 4 tons/h
Used German pellet machine, KAHL, capacity 2 – 2.5 tons/h
German pellet machine, KAHL, Capacity 4-5 tons/h
German pellet machine, AMIS brand, Capacity 3.5 – 4 tons/h
German pellet machine, Muench company, capacity 3.5 – 4 tons/h
Used Swiss pellet machine, SWISS COMBI, capacity 1 ton/h
American pellet machine, CPM company, capacity 1 – 1.5 tons/h
American pellet machine, CPM company, capacity 3 ton/h
American pellet machine, CPM company, capacity 3.5 – 4 ton/h

In the export sawdust pelletizing line, in addition to the pellet press, the investor needs to invest in additional main machines:

Wood chipper to chips
Wood chip crusher to sawdust
Wood chip planer, wood planer, wood board into shavings
Sawdust dryer specializes in drying sawdust shavings to the required moisture content for pellet presses.

Processing molds for wood pellets sawdust pellets, rice husk pellets

Wood Pellet Press Machine

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