Introduction of wood chips crusher- The most common types of wood chip crusher today

Wood shredders must be familiar equipment to each of us, they are widely used in wood processing and manufacturing facilities. So what’s so special about this machine? Let’s find out more details through the content of the article below.

Detailed information of wood chip crusher

What is wood chip crusher ? This is definitely a question that many people are interested in. This is a machine designed to help chop and grind wood chips during the production process into sawdust, wood pulp, shavings, etc. 

These products are then sent to factories producing pressed wood or compressed wood used as fuel in boilers, kilns, etc. Thus, using a wood shredder also helps businesses have an extra amount of money. considerable profit by crushing the seemingly discarded pieces of wood.

Wood crusher into sawdust GM-400SM installed in Quang Ngai
Wood crusher into sawdust GM-400SM installed in Quang Ngai

Regarding the working principle of the wood shredder, you first need to start the machine first and make sure nothing is stuck. After the machine has run for a while and is running smoothly, add the ingredients slowly. The motors will roll the material through the inlet and into the grinding bin.

Here the materials will be crushed by a lot of grinding hammers, after finishing the product will be taken out through the discharge nozzle. From there we can get the finished product easily without spending too much effort.

The product has a solid design, the parts are connected together in detail and are fastened by bolts and screws. Thereby helping the machine operate smoothly, without emitting strong noises and vibrations when working.

Wood crusher has gradually become an indispensable equipment for the production activities of enterprises. They bring many benefits to not only the timber industry but also the horticulture industry and the industrial production industry.

Quality finished product hash
Quality finished product hash

Top most popular types of wood chip crusher today

Because the demand for wood shredders is increasing day by day, manufacturers have constantly created and marketed many models with different technologies. Those are the 2 products below:

  • Industrial wood shredder: This product is often used in large-capacity wood factories, tens of tons per day. Due to such outstanding capacity, the size and price of the product is also quite high.
  • Mini wood shredder: This machine is often used for small and medium-sized factories. Compact size, easy to disassemble and move if needed. The product also has a capacity of 800-100kg/hour. 

In addition, a crusher product that is also trusted and used is the GREEN MECH wood shredder. Products from the GREEN MECH brand are highly appreciated by many customers for both quality and productivity. 

GREEN MECH is proud to be the first unit in Vietnam that has successfully researched and applied the hydraulic technology wood shredder. Thanks to this new technology, the machine has fewer problems and can work continuously without stopping.

Thereby ensuring productivity, meeting all your usage needs. The product also has an energy-saving function, so it helps businesses reduce costs, save a lot of time and effort.

For advice and more detailed information about wood chips crusher . Please contact immediately via hotline +84 94 110 8888 , we are always ready to serve you 24/24.

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